Spring into Mobile Tire Changes

March 1, 2023

As winter ends and the temperature rises above 7 °C, it is time to begin booking your spring tire changes & wheel swaps. Mobile-Tire Inc. is your premium mobile tire & rim service for wheel securement this spring. Our certified technicians come to you at your home or office and replace your winter tires with your all-season, all-terrain or summer tires, whether they come with their own set of rims or require mounting & balancing on your vehicle's existing rims.

The Greater Toronto Area experiences significant seasonal changes throughout the year. Therefore, investing in a set of rims for your second set of tires is worthwhile to reduce the annual cost of tire changes, make the changeover process quicker, and maintain the integrity of your wheel assemblies. When each tire has its own rim, you will save time and money in the long run and achieve the highest performance from your wheels. Mobile-Tire Inc. offers a wide selection of new rims to match your fitment specifications, personal style, and budget. Contact us today via email, phone or text to receive professional consultation for rims and tires best suited to you and your vehicle.

The legal minimum tire tread depth is 1.5 mm in Ontario, but the industry-recommended minimum is 3.5 mm. Insert a certified tread depth indicator into the tire tread groove to determine if your tires meet industry standards; if the measurement reads below 3.5 mm, your tires are worn down and need replacement. Even if your tires rarely get driven, check them regularly as they age because the rubber deteriorates over time. Department of Transport (DOT) standards recommend replacing tires older than 5 to 7 years from their manufacturing date, regardless of how much tread they have left because of rubber degradation. You can ensure your vehicle is safe to drive and reduce the risk of accidents due to poor road traction by regularly monitoring the tread depth and replacing old/bald tires.

In addition to swapping your wheels and changing your tires, it is essential to get your wheels balanced for optimum ride quality, tire wear management, and the prolonged lifespan of suspension components. Unequalized wheel assemblies can cause vibrations, road noise, uneven wear, and reduced traction. Many people choose to have their wheels balanced every season, especially if they drive often or live in an area with rough roads like Toronto. By getting your wheels balanced every season, you will ensure that your vehicle performs at its best and keep you, your passengers, and your community safe on the road.

Overall, getting your spring changeovers done by Mobile-Tire Inc. is a wise investment in your vehicle's performance and safety. By replacing your old tires, investing in a set of rims for your secondary sets of tires, and getting your wheels balanced every season, you can help to ensure that your vehicle is performing at its best, with equalized road contact. Mobile-Tire Inc. makes it easy and convenient to complete your spring changeovers quickly and efficiently. If you want a reliable mobile tire service, contact us by email, phone or text today to pre-book your appointment!